August 2011-
I am starting a 29-Day Challenge to give one gift each day and see how it affects my life. I have always considered myself a giver, but I feel this challenge will challenge and focus me on giving more. I was inspired by the book 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving can Change your Life. I ran across it 2 years ago in a bookstore in Springfield, MO, and I titled a piece of paper 29 Gifts. I found that same piece of paper the other day, and I saw it as a sign to start the challenge. You can learn more about the book and challenge at

After 1 month of giving, I have continued this challenge in giving and sharing the stories with others. Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures with giving!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 8: Spending time with a GREAT friend

Today my gift was making time and making an effort to spend time with my friend Lacy.  My path and hers crossed many years ago walking home from school back in the 6th grade.  Since then we have shared many memories together over the years and still remain great friends.  But sometimes the busy-ness of everything gets in the way, and we don't spend as much time together as we would like.  Today we went to supper together and just hung out.  You know those friends you can do absolutely anything with and have a great time, Lacy is one of those friends! I believe God put us here to make the world a better place, and God put friends into our world to make it a better place.  Cherish the friendships in your life because it's the people not things that bring true joy to your life!

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