August 2011-
I am starting a 29-Day Challenge to give one gift each day and see how it affects my life. I have always considered myself a giver, but I feel this challenge will challenge and focus me on giving more. I was inspired by the book 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving can Change your Life. I ran across it 2 years ago in a bookstore in Springfield, MO, and I titled a piece of paper 29 Gifts. I found that same piece of paper the other day, and I saw it as a sign to start the challenge. You can learn more about the book and challenge at

After 1 month of giving, I have continued this challenge in giving and sharing the stories with others. Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures with giving!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 19: Listening

Today my gift was being a good listener.  Sometimes people need someone they can turn to.  Someone that will listen, someone that won't judge, someone that won't give advice, and someone that really cares, really listens.  Sometimes we get consumed in our own lives, in our own worries.  We need to open the blinds and realize that we aren't the only ones with problems, heartaches, and the only ones fighting battles.  We can all be good listeners for someone in our lives whether it is a stranger, a loved one, a co-worker, a neighbor, or a child in your life.  We all know the feeling of getting something big off our chests.  Give that gift today by providing a listening ear for someone in need.

"Be kinder than necessary,
for everyone you meet is fighting
some kind of battle."
— T.H. Thompson and John Watson

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