August 2011-
I am starting a 29-Day Challenge to give one gift each day and see how it affects my life. I have always considered myself a giver, but I feel this challenge will challenge and focus me on giving more. I was inspired by the book 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving can Change your Life. I ran across it 2 years ago in a bookstore in Springfield, MO, and I titled a piece of paper 29 Gifts. I found that same piece of paper the other day, and I saw it as a sign to start the challenge. You can learn more about the book and challenge at

After 1 month of giving, I have continued this challenge in giving and sharing the stories with others. Hope you enjoy reading about my adventures with giving!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 25: Back to School Gift

Today my gift was sending my Little Sister from Big Brothers & Big Sisters a Back to School gift.  I sent her a new book to read, some pencils, and erasers.  I thought the gift might get her excited for school since last time I talked to her she wasn't too enthused for school to start.  I know as a child getting new school supplies was always such a joy.  I hope my gift will inspire, excite her, and bring her joy for the beginning of her 5th grade school year. 

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